The Dating Journey

Dating can be an incredible journey once you understand some guiding principles. The Dating Sensei will show you how to meet your perfect match, avoid disaster dates, succeed at online dating, first and blind dates, and dating over 40. Through outstanding articles, resources, and reviews you'll learn to master the art of dating and find your soul mate.

Great Places to Go and Things to Do on a First Date (and other dates too!)

happy couple

Where you choose to go on a first date is an important consideration. Even the most potentially compatible people might not feel the magic if the place you meet for the first time is too loud or chaotic, or makes one or both of you feel uncomfortable. Since the idea is to enjoy the process of getting to know each other, comfort is key. Check with your date ahead of time to be sure... read more

Don't Be Shy! How to Ask for a Second Date

You're on a first date, looking across the table at someone new, you're talking, sharing stories, getting to know one another; you feel engaged, interested, and energized, and you're connecting on some level, maybe many, and hopefully, they are too. Physical chemistry is often the strong player at this point: you find them attractive, you're feeling good energy... read more